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Handelsregister: HRB 12872 HL
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Lübeck

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Alexander Scheuß


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Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE 288750156

Redaktionell verantwortlich

Alexander Scheuß
An der Untertrave 8
23552 Lübeck


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Urheberangaben für die verwendeten Bilder und Grafiken

Die Teamfotos wurden von der Agentur Fotowerker Ganzer | Berg erstellt. Die Beitragsbilder für die Referenzprojekte auf unserer Startseite haben wir im Fotoarchiv lizenziert. Sie unterliegen den entsprechenden Lizenz- bzw. Nutzungsbedingungen.

  • Beitragsbild Immobilienmakler: Excited millennial couple signing purchase agreement buying first home together, husband puts signature on document, becoming apartment owner, spouses legalize property ownership in realtor office | Datei-Nr.: 211826944 | Urheber: fizkes –
  • Beitragsbild Photovoltaik: Smiling tradesman installing a solar panel on a roof of a house | Datei-Nr.: 609947338 | Urheber: photoschmidt –
  • Beitragsbild Fachanwalt: Happy satisfied middle aged professional business man executive ceo manager, lawyer wearing suit sitting at desk signing law document writing signature making legal agreement corporate deal in office. | Datei-Nr.: 602284189 | Urheber: insta_photos –
  • Beitragsbild GALA GROUP: A fictional young woman enjoying the reading of a book on a couch in a cozy apartment. Generative AI illustration. | Datei-Nr.: 616535820 | Urheber: Tuyres –
  • Beitragsbild Physiotherapie: trainer mit einer gruppe im fitness-studio | Datei-Nr.: 75792158 | Urheber: contrastwerkstatt –
  • Beitragsbild Mixed Pickles e.V.: Happy girl in a wheelchair | Datei-Nr.: 643801798 | Urheber: pvl0707 –
  • Beitragsbild Diabetes-Praxis: Friendly doctor in a white coat supporting a teenage child. Happy beautiful young woman who works as a pediatrician at the clinic talks to a school girl, reassures her, smiles and touches her shoulder | Datei-Nr.: 547858323 | Urheber: Studio Romantic –
  • Beitragsbild Osteopathie: Portrait of smiling man masseur or physiotherapist in own medical office wait for client. Happy male therapist or osteopath in rehabilitation clinic on working day. Medicine and healthcare concept. | Datei-Nr.: 507238313 | Urheber: Studio Romantic –
  • Beitragsbild Kinder forschen SHO e.V.: Teacher helping children with schoolwork | Datei-Nr.: 528278721 | Urheber: JenkoAtaman –
  • Beitragsbild Projektentwickler: Attractive wind farm engineers looking over turbine placements | Datei-Nr.: 239043254 | Urheber: goodluz –
  • Beitragsbild Innovatives Startup: Doctor with digital tablet in his office | Datei-Nr.: 246365778 | Urheber: Jacob Lund –
  • Beitragsbild DKSB Lübeck: Educator works with children in the development center. Generative AI | Datei-Nr.: 633870193 | Urheber: piai –
  • Beitragsbild Kochprofis: Happy woman preparing food at table in kitchen | Datei-Nr.: 121830274 | Urheber: Flamingo Images –
  • Beitragsbild Kinderärztin: Mother, baby and stethoscope of pediatrician for healthcare consulting, check lungs and breathing for heartbeat. Doctor, happy infant kid and chest assessment in clinic, hospital and medical analysis | Datei-Nr.: 608109395 | Urheber: N Lawrenson/ –
  • Beitragsbild Hörakustiker: Man putting hearing aid on womans ear | Datei-Nr.: 475376338 | Urheber: zinkevych –
  • Beitragsbild Campingplatz: Happy friends sitting on the beach singing and playing guitar during the sunset | Datei- Nr.: 214368701 | Urheber: djile –
  • Beitragsbild IT-Systemhaus: Male team of program engineers working at office | Datei-Nr.: 304082163 | Urheber: Prostock-studio –
  • Beitragsbild Brauerei Multiracial friends drinking beer glasses sitting at brewery pub- Young group of happy people having fun toasting pint at bar enjoying happy hour time- Life style food and beverage concept with guys | Datei-Nr.: 589261021 | Urheber: Nicolas Micolani –
  • Beitragsbild Fotografen: Two young designers working in modern office | Datei-Nr.: 208922017 | Urheber: NDABCREATIVITY –
  • Beitragsbild Bauausführung: Construction Worker Building renovation an old house | Datei-Nr.: 618195334 | Urheber: pololia –
  • Beitragsbild Fachberater: Business team applauding a successful presentation | Datei-Nr.: 334097952 | Urheber: Jacob Lund –
  • Beitragsbild Restaurant & Bar: Happy friends group toasting fashion drinks at video live streaming at beach party – Young people having fun at summer cocktail bar – Youth and friendship concept with focus on glasses and warm filter | Datei-Nr.: 193293103 | Urheber: Mirko –
  • Beitragsbild Facharzt: Team of doctors and businessman using computer during the meeting in the office. | Datei-Nr.: 359862223 | Urheber: Drazen –
  • Beitragsbild One Page Website: Portrait of architects having discussion in office | Datei-Nr.: 359862223 | Urheber: Drazen
  • Beitragsbild Restaurator: Handsome sculptor brushing stone head sculpture on the table in the atmospheric studio | Datei-Nr.: 314525391 | Urheber: gorynvd –
  • Beitragsbild Stadtwerke: Young woman controlling room temperature with a smart thermostat at home. Home comfort and smart heating system concept | Datei-Nr.: 402866966 | Urheber: rh2010 –
  • Beitragsbild Tischlerei: Handwerker Team am Laptop Computer | Datei-Nr.: 295060828 | Urheber: Robert Kneschke –
  • Beitragsbild Projekt-Website: Teamwork international | Datei-Nr.: 90222600 | Urheber: drubig-photo –
  • Beitragsbild One Page Website: manager and technician discussing report in pipe room | Datei-Nr.: 361195246 | Urheber: auremar –
  • Beitragsbild Landing Page: Two maintenance engineers men and women inspect relay protection system with laptop comp. They work a heavy industry manufacturing factory | Datei-Nr.: 325535635 | Urheber: TMLsPhotoG –
  • Beitragsbild Bundesverband Kanu: Laughing woman canoeing with friends on a late summer afternoon | Datei-Nr.: 26674838 | Urheber: Flamingo Images –
  • Beitragsbild Zahnarzt: Image of pretty woman sitting in dental chair while professional doctor fixing her teeth| Datei-Nr.: 264395936 | Urheber: Drobot Dean –
  • Beitragsbild Budgetassistenz: Disabled father in wheelchair enjoying with his daughter and wife outdoors in autumn park | Datei-Nr.: 294689546 | Urheber: hedgehog94 –
  • Beitragsbild Stadtmarketing: Two happy girlfriends looking on the shopwindow while standing with shopping bags near the mall | Datei-Nr.: 286054327 | Urheber: rh2010 –
  • Beitragsbild Gründungscoach: Diverse Office Conference Room Meeting: Successful Black Female Executive Director Presents e-Commerce Fintech Growth Statistics to a Group of Investors. Whiteboard with Big Data Analysis | Datei-Nr.: 561003317 | Urheber: Gorodenkoff –
  • Beitragsbild Bad & Heizung: Portrait of happy couple standing with assistant near new bath in the modern shop | Datei-Nr.: 327404149 | Urheber: Тарас Нагирняк –
  • Beitragsbild Ingenieurbüro: Software engineers working on project and programming in company | Datei-Nr.: 322280355 | Urheber: NDABCREATIVITY –
  • Beitragsbild Hundeschule: A australian shepherd dog is running on a green meadow in a dog zone or dog school. | Datei-Nr.: 286692606 | Urheber: ТeamDF –
  • Beitragsbild Möbelgeschäft: Happy married young couple hugging, sitting on cozy couch together, overjoyed laughing woman and man having fun, enjoying leisure time, relaxing on sofa in living room at home, good relationship | Datei-Nr.: 386191106 | Urheber: fizkes –
  • Beitragsbild Make-up & Styling: Makeup process. Professional artist applying make up on model face. Close up portrait of beautiful blonde woman in beauty saloon. | Datei-Nr.: 525342580 | Urheber: Dusko –
  • Beitragsbild Schule: Multiracial young people enjoying group study at table. | Datei-Nr.: 429224044 | Urheber: NDABCREATIVITY –
  • Beitragsbild Malermeister: portrait of unisex decorating team | Datei-Nr.: 438938344 | Urheber: auremar –
  • Beitragsbild Restaurant: Group of Happy friends having breakfast in the restaurant | Datei-Nr.: 227622470 | Urheber: djile –
  • Beitragsbild Schuhgeschäft: Young man choosing sneakers at sportswear shop | Datei-Nr.: 458893907 | Urheber: Petro –
  • Beitragsbild Elektrotechnik: Young female mechanic engineer repairing air conditioner outdoors. AI generative | Datei-Nr.: 601792495 | Urheber: vladdeep –
  • Beitragsbild KI & Cloud: Colleagues using a graphic pad | Datei-Nr.: 110914432 | Urheber: WavebreakMediaMicro –
  • Beitragsbild Anwalt: Happy businessman and businesswoman shaking hands at group board meeting. Professional business executive leaders making handshake agreement successful company trade partnership handshake | Datei-Nr.: 449752429 | Urheber: insta_photos –
  • Beitragsbild Notarin: Woman meeting notary for advice | Datei-Nr.: 137195880 | Urheber: goodluz –
  • Beitragsbild Verpackungstechnik: Master discussing a workpiece with his apprentice or trainee | Datei-Nr.: 300103402 | Urheber: Kzenon –
  • Beitragsbild Arbitrator: Happy mid aged business woman manager handshaking at office meeting. Smiling female hr hiring recruit at job interview, bank or insurance agent, lawyer making contract deal with client at work. | Datei-Nr.: 637048304 | Urheber: insta_photos –
  • Beitragsbild Profitraining: Meeting, seminar and questions with business people hands raised in the boardroom during a strategy session. Planning, workshop and a group of colleagues or employees volunteering to answer at work | Datei-Nr.: 620247451 | Urheber: Tshidzumba/ –
  • Beitragsbild Geobotanik: An environmental conservation surveyor in the forest, diligently recording data as part of field research, showcasing commitment to preserving nature and sustainability, generative ai | Datei-Nr.: 606254799 | Urheber: InputUX –
  • Beitragsbild RSC Hanse: Group of Man in a wheelchairs plays sports | Datei-Nr.: 644566745 | Urheber: MP Studio –
  • Beitragsbild Floristin: Smiling florist woman holding a digital tablet while standing at the counter in her shop | Datei-Nr.: 330361380 | Urheber: Artem Varnitsin –
  • Beitragsbild Gaststätte: Best friends sitting in restaurant for dinner and making a toast with white wine. On table is food. | Datei-Nr.: 302000253 | Urheber: chika_milan –
  • Landing-Page Kiel: Cityscape of Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Aerial view of the Town hall (Rathaus) tower on a sunny summer day. | Datei-Nr.: 585523894| Urheber: uslatar –
  • Landing-Page Schleswig: Schleswig Cathedral | Datei-Nr.: 178451962 | Urheber: eyewave –
  • Landing-Page Pinneberg: Pinneberg | Datei-Nr.: 40647427 | Urheber:  Katja Xenikis –
  • Unterseite Leistungen für individuelles Webdesign: Website designer Creative planning application developer development draft sketch drawing template layout prototype framework wireframe design studio. User experience concept. | Datei-Nr.: 283354009 | Urheber: Chaosamran_Studio –
  • Unterseite Leistungen für WordPress & Divi: Laptop computer displaying logo of WordPress | Datei-Nr.: 411486708 | Urheber: monticellllo –
  • Unterseite Leistungen für Content Marketing: Text Content is King typed on retro typewriter | Datei-Nr.: 404887379 | Urheber: MP Studio –
  • Unterseite Leistungen für Barrierefreie Website: WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines | Datei-Nr.: 226003299 | Urheber: momius –